Learning Logs

We thought it might be a good idea to show you some good examples of learning log work as we have stressed to the children the importance of doing their best and working neatly.  Please ensure that children use a new page for each piece of work and that they use their best sounding out and kinetic letters.  The children need to complete the tasks with adult supervision but must complete the work as independently as possible. Please allow your child to draw or paint their own pictures and complete their own writing. 

And the winner is……

This morning Class One helped to count up the ballot papers and find the winning idea for our end of year House Team treat.  We sorted and counted carefully and recorded the results on the board.  We then had to add the results from Bellinge Campus. After all the counting, the most popular treat was Afternoon Tea.  The house with the most house points at the end of the year will have Afternoon Tea at the end of term. Yum, yum!

Healthy Schools Week – 1km a day

Over the last few days we have run our 1km in the lovely morning weather before it got too hot. We challenged ourselves to either run the whole way or run more than that day before. We had some help from Mrs Timmis, Year 6 and Year 4 who ran with us and gave us brilliant encouragement. Their encouragement helped us to beat our times by 20 seconds! Wow! Same again tomorrow! 

Family Funs Finale

This morning saw the last of our Famiy Funs sessions for our first group at Ecton Brook campus.  Miss Brown and I have loved working with the children and their families supporting them to become more active and healthy while having fun together.  The children received their final certificates and sports vouchers for completing the full course and we hope they will continue to share their activities via Class Dojo. Invitations have been distributed for our next Family Funs course which will begin after half term. 

Healthy Schools Week – 1km a day

To help us to think about keeping our bodies healthy this week we are aiming to run 1km each day in Reception Year.  On our first attempt, around half of us managed to run the whole way and most of us ran and walked the distance. We are going to challenge ourselves tomorrow tomorrow to either run more or beat our time!

Money, money, money!

We have been learning about money today. We looked carefully at the different coins and worked as a team to put them into sets. We then used the money to shop for different items and some of us used our knowledge of number bonds to find lots of ways of making 10p. Mr Woods was very impressed with our learning and gave out some gold stickers. 

RAF Cosford

Reception Year loved their visit to RAF Cosford last week.  We all pretended to be cabin crew and took a flight to a holiday destination.  We watched a 4D film about flight and walked through hangers containing hundreds of planes, helicopters and tanks. We all had a fantastic day and are now enjoying our new “Up, Up and Away” topic.


Mrs Norris has come back from her course full of ideas of how to improve our creativity. We have made a ‘workshop’ area in our classroom and have been learning how to observe carefully when we draw an object. Today we thought carefully about the marks we could make with our pencils and concentrated for ages to complete our representations of some daffodils. We worked all by ourselves and Mrs Norris was extremely proud of our work. Have a look and see what you think!