Making our bodies stronger for Kinetic Letters

At Bellinge for the past 2 weeks we have been working on making our bodies stronger as part of our handwriting programme called Kinetic Letters. We have been doing yoga, mastering the monkey bars, using tweezers to pick up objects, mark making in sand trays, doing daily exercises to strengthen our whole body including our fingers, learning our animal poses (gorilla, mere cat, penguin and lizard)  and the 6 big moves (up, down, slide, push, pull and flick) all in preparation for writing.  We have been practising how to hold a pencil correctly every day and have now begun to learn how to write the first few letters from the Jumper family (h,b,r,m,n,p) with help from Brave and Scared monkey and the tree they live in.

Family Funs

Today saw the start of the second group of Family Funs families.  We started working on our balancing with a pirate game and are going to practise at home during the adverts on the telly.  The whole group joined in with great enthusiasm and we were all certainly warmed up in time for school! Miss Brown and Mrs Norris are really looking forward to next week. 😀😀

Learning Logs

We thought it might be a good idea to show you some good examples of learning log work as we have stressed to the children the importance of doing their best and working neatly.  Please ensure that children use a new page for each piece of work and that they use their best sounding out and kinetic letters.  The children need to complete the tasks with adult supervision but must complete the work as independently as possible. Please allow your child to draw or paint their own pictures and complete their own writing.