Hamlet Drama

Reception children took part in their first Drama for Learning activity this week called Digital Video Clips and Rolling Theatre. They acted out different jobs people used to have a long time ago when they lived in a Castle and performed as a class.

Watch our video below.



Jigsaw Jenie’s zip challenge

Last week the children on Bellinge Campus met a new character – Jigsaw Jenie who is helping the children learn about themselves, feelings and relationships as part of our PSHE curriculum. This week was all about achieving something challenging and to keep on trying until you succeed. I am pleased to say all children in the class enthusiastically took on Jigsaw Jenie’s Zip Challenge of doing up their coat zips by themselves. And after 2 weeks nearly all children can now do this independently. One less thing for you to have to do for them mums and dads!


Meeting Jenie

Today we met Jenie a brand new teddy who is helping us learn to talk confidently in front of others and calm down during quiet time in the classroom.

Jenie helped Class 1 talk about situations we find tricky such as getting changed for PE and overcoming tricky situations during gymnastics. We enjoyed sharing our ideas with each other and listening to others.



Talking about Empathy

The children in Class 1 put on their ‘Empathy Glasses’ and talked about how we can tell how others are feeling. Sometimes other children might feeling a bit lonely or they might be upset. We then talked about how we should treat each other and how we must be careful with each other’s feelings.